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Yewande (pronounced Yeah-wan-day) is a chartered engineer, an innovator, a dreamer and speaker with tons of passion for the role of innovation, creativity and engineering in our world today. She holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering Design and Appropriate Technology from the University of Warwick and a Masters in Innovation and Design for Sustainability from Cranfield University. Yewande’s engineering experience and responsibilities include Design and Construction, Innovation and Manufacture of buildings and systems in the built environment. She has worked on projects in the U.K., Africa, the Middle East and in East Asia. 

Yewande has been awarded the U.K. Society of Public Health Engineers’ Young Engineer of the Year. She won the U.K. Young Woman Engineer of the Year (Institute of Engineering & Technology) and has been honoured with the Exceptional Achiever Award by the Association for Black Engineers (AFBE-UK) and the Association of Consultancy and Engineering, U.K. (ACE). She has been named one of the UK’s top 35 women under the age of 35 by Management Today and was awarded PRECIOUS AWARDS Outstanding Woman in STEM award. 

She sits on the Board of Trustees of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. She is on the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa CATALYST Steering Committee and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster. She has recently joined Council at the University of Warwick. 

Yewande has presented  television  programs for Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Yesterday TV and CBBC.

In her spare time, she enjoys building models, settling into a good book, dancing and exploring new places.

My Engineering Story

'The trick to having good ideas is not to sit around in glorious isolation and try to think big thoughts. The trickis to get more parts on the table' - Steve Johnson

I kind of always had huge interests in Engineering. I was very impressed by the built environment (buildings, bridges) and realized from an early age the implications of a lack of good infrastructure in developing countries. I felt it was something I wanted to be part off! I admit though, I went through a number of phases. Architecture was my longest running. There were also times when I felt I’d rather spend my time learning languages, loose myself completely to Shakespeare’s finest works or sketch out my dream clothes. Just before I started to make decisions about university, my mum shared the thought that as an engineer I’d have more opportunity to express my ambition to create inspiring spaces for people to live and work and also be able contribute towards water, energy and transport design.

I gave it some thought. 


More than a decade now, since I made that decision to study Engineering at the University of Warwick, it has been an absolutely fantastic journey on the whole. With great times and also challenging times, I have come to really appreciate the beauty of engineering. The creativity, the daring to dream, the art of story –telling’ of conceptual ideas;  achieving an exact expression of sequence, relation and  logic is what creates the built environment and technologies that shape and influence our daily experiences. 

Media & Engagement

'the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak' -Hans Hofmann


The art of expression finds a boundless terrain in good media and I absolutely love that fact! Over the last 7 years, I have come to really appreciate the beautiful relation between Engineering and media. For Engineering stories that need to be told, TV productions and photography play an irreplaceable role in capturing existing and potential excellence. They help present the many stunning shades of the infrastructure and innovation of our world. From 'transformers' type movies to documentaries on the world's most impressive forms of transport, the long lasting impressions left on the minds of audiences are seeds planted- towards even grander ideas and world progress. 

I have had great experiences telling engineering stories for television. The experiences have ranged from walking in the shoes of the men and women that built the Titanic (Titanic: the Mission- For Channel 4 and National Geographic) to telling the stories of the world's fastest train and largest dams (Impossible Engineering for Discovery + Yesterday TV)  to kid's TV (Absolute Genius: Monster Builds CBBC)!

Passionate about......


I am very passionate about getting more women into engineering and staying in engineering. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a fantastic campaign dubbed #portraitofanengineer, Commissioned by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Rankin's Studios Vicky Lawton shot dramatic and thought provoking images of amazing female Engineers to showcase engineering in a completely different light, dramatically highlighting the diverse career opportunities available in the industry through stunning and unexpected imagery.

Opportunities in STEM - my advice to students


Any career path in Engineering is about making it one’s own. It is about dropping fears of the difficulties and believing in what one has to contribute. It is also about recognising the freedom to grow, develop character, influence and be influenced positively.

“The challenges will come, no doubt, but the rewards of becoming stronger and more knowledgeable make it all worth it. Engineering is about finding solutions for life and there is a great need for the superb, interactive, unique and creative contributions present generations have to offer.”

..a black + white mash up (TV)




I have set myself a challenge - to mentor and be the best I can to as many young people as possible, from around the world. I currently mentor a few people and under the Global EMIT project, working to find opportunities for experiences that would strengthen their skills base and life skills. I am always very keen to hear of work experience opportunities + full time engineering job opportunities in AFRICA and the United Kingdom. Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts, ideas + opportunities. 


Creating inspiring and educational spaces

A life long dream has been to design + build inspiring spaces for young people in our world's most challenged places; to create a space where they can be anything they dream of... with the resources to learn the basic skills and see their ideas come to life. My work in our world's developing countries has revealed (to me) the amazing innovation that necessity births. This part of  the GE project is in it concept phase but please potential sponsors,Animators, Engineers, Artists, Educators...come on board! Let us create the future we want to see.



The Global Emit Project was originally set up to provide purposeful advice to projects in developing countries as well as developed countries. Previous projects have ranged from the development of models for community water and sanitation solutions. As well as providing engineering advice, I am very passionate about ensuring continuity of solutions in developing countries. With ideas generation right at the heart of its operations, The Global Emit Project works closely with its associates to ensure ideas are seen through to realisation. 


MARCH 2019: Absolutely loved being part of this really cool project with Google Arts and Culture #Onceuponatry and the amazing Jess Wade,  Lia Li, Farah Ahmed and Alex Lathbridge . Tons of fun talking about the importance of managing our Earth's water supply resources.  


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