Yewande has presented engineering stories for television. Her contributions have ranged from walking in the shoes of the men and women that built the Titanic to exploring engineering marvels in parts of the world. She has presented Television programmes for the BBC, CBBC, National Geographic, The Science Channel, Channel 4 & Yesterday TV. 

‘The art of expression finds a boundless terrain in good media and I absolutely love that fact! Over the last 10 years, I have come to really appreciate the beautiful relation between Engineering and media.’

For Engineering & Technology stories that need to be told, TV productions and photography play an irreplaceable role in capturing existing and potential excellence. They help present the many stunning shades of the infrastructure and innovation of our world. From transformers’ type movies to documentaries on the world’s most impressive forms of transport, the long lasting impressions left on the minds of the audience are seeds planted- towards even grander ideas and world progress.

Yewande is able to bring unique contributions to television programmes with her creative approach and passion. Her engineering experience, as well as regular engagement with varied audience demographics, has been of significant benefit to the television projects she has worked on. 

Presenting Titanic: the Mission CHANNEL 4

Presenting Scientific Superpowers for GoogleARTS/YOUTUBE

Barbie Campaign with Mala Mawkin & Poorna Bell

At Location-filming the Inspire Series- Pilot, produced by Yewande.

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