Yewande’s areas of expertise include Engineering, Sustainability, Innovation, Strategy, Clean Growth & Infrastructure, People , Development and International Partnerships for Growth & Economic Advancement.

Yewande has worked on some brilliant projects all over the world, with project values of up to £500 million. Using engineering as a tool for creativity, she has  developed strategies towards the effective operation of business functions and set clear visions for the development of people within organisations. Her engineering journey continues to be one centered around creativity and creating a better world. The creativity, the daring to dream, the art of story –telling’ of conceptual ideas;  achieving an exact expression of sequence, relation and  logic is what creates the built environment and technologies that shape and influence our daily experiences.

Current Projects

Innovation Consulting Projects

Yewande’s current suite of ongoing  projects range from innovation consulting for large organisations and start ups. She is providing services on innovation and supporting her partners as they take ideas through to products/services. She is also providing support with business development. Her projects currently fall under Technology for Good (Well-being); Healthy Ageing Population, Construction Technology & Sustainable Product Development. 

The Inspire Series

Yewande is committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers and technologists and spends a significant amount of time in schools and colleges speaking to young people. To scale the impact of the engagement and support the incredible work of lots of organisations tasked with securing a pipeline of Engineers to meet the 200,000+ shortfall, she has worked with a brilliant team to bring the Inspire Series to school, colleges and communities. The Inspire Series has been created to capture the imagination and wonder of young people -to ensure that young people watching it can see themselves as engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators and more! We have created a pilot that helps viewers relate with engineers in a fun engaging way. It has been designed to help young girls especially see themselves as engineers.

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The Big Engineering Work Experience Week

The BIG Work Experience Week is a Virtual Work Experience Programme designed to equip students in higher education with practical skills to be able to design Sustainable systems for the built environment. It is based on a structure that ensures that students are exposed to Engineering, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It is designed to provide industry context to their learning and challenge thinking. It encourages and supports team building and encourages the students to continue to innovate together after the completion of the programme. It is open to students from all over the world and is FREE of CHARGE.  It has run since 2020 and continues to provide an invaluable source of knowledge to students from all over the world.

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