Yewande’s Expertise

  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • People & Development
  • Events hosting
  • International Development
  • TV + Presenting

I kind of always had huge interests in Engineering. I was very impressed by the built environment (buildings, bridges) and realized from an early age the importance of good Engineering solution in form of  good infrastructure. I felt it was something I wanted to be part off! I admit though, I went through a number of phases. Architecture was my longest running. And there were also times  I felt I’d rather spend my time learning languages, loose myself completely to Shakespeare’s finest works or sketch out my dream clothes. Just before I started to make decisions about university, my mum shared the thought that as an engineer I’d have more opportunity to express my ambition to create inspiring spaces for people to live and work and also be able contribute towards water, energy and transport design.

I gave it some thought.


I have since had the opportunity to work on some brilliant projects with project values of up to £500 million. I have been blessed by fantastic mentors who have taught me the importance of using engineering as a tool for creativity. I have developed strategies towards the effective operation of business functions and set clear visions for the development of people within organisations. My engineering journey continues to be one centered around creativity and creating a better world. The creativity, the daring to dream, the art of story –telling’ of conceptual ideas;  achieving an exact expression of sequence, relation and  logic is what creates the built environment and technologies that shape and influence our daily experiences.